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Welcome to the British Shopping Hospitality / Trade Portal.

We strive to offer an ever-changing range of products of the highest quality to our customers and to ensure a efficient completion of your order. We have no minimum ordering levels so just order on demand when your stock levels are depleting. No need to invest in large and costly deep frozen storage!

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Our website has been designed to ensure that you can order directly with your mobile devices.

Trade Products:

RODDA's Original CLOTTED CREAM "The Queen of Clotted Cream". Available in various sizes.

WARRENS BAKERY - Scones, Cornish Pasties and Cornish Specialties.

MOOMAID - "Handmade of superior quality" Ice Cream from Cornwall. Made from 100% Cow's Milk & Rodda's Clotted Cream in exclusive and luxurious flavours.

CORNISH SEA SALT COMPANY - Sea Salt in various tempting and delicious flavours.

SIMPLY CORNISH from Warrens - Award winning, heritage biscuits from Cornwall's oldest bakery. Artisan made, hand crafted to long standing recipes.

THE GREAT BRITISH CRISP CO. - Cornish Crisps are made using local hands, produce and skills, and it's the Cornish "taters" that perfect the great new curious flavours.........never seen before!

By Appointment........BIG TOM  - Spiced tomato juice made from fresh tomatoes. Not only for the royal family!

We ship within the EU Member States (except Switzerland and Islands) with Express / Parcel Services. Deep Frozen Products are ONLY dispached with Express Services in thermal packaging containing Dry Ice and bulk orders on pallet with Logistic Companies in temperature controlled vehicles.